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Remembering Garnet “Ace” Bailey and Mark Bavis on 9/11

Usually as a Sharks fan, I’d try hard as hell to not to write anything solely on the Los Angeles Kings as the two are bitter rivals.

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NHL Legend Gordie Howe Passes Away at 88

Just halfway through this 2016 calendar year, we have seen legends being taken away from us left and right, most recently that of boxing legend and international role model Muhammad Ali. Today yet another legend has entered that list, most importantly from the hockey community.

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Andrew Shaw and the Slur: What It Means To Me

Last night, when I came back home late from class, a friend of mine made me aware of another incident involving Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw, and she wasn’t pleased.

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Making the Intro to “Behind the B” with Travis Robertson and Greg Almeida.

The Boston Bruins have a behind the scenes TV show called Behind the B. I thought it would be interesting to have a change of pace and talk about the making of the Intro. Travis Robertson and Greg Almeida of MMB were kind enough to speak to me over the phone to talk about this Boston Emmy-winning Intro that they created together.

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Coach’s Challenge in the NHL: Yay or Nay?

The Coach’s Challenge was introduced this season to undo any controversial goals that shouldn’t have been allowed in the first place. Essentially, if a coach feels that a goal was scored by the other team but should have been called off because the refs missed a violation, that coach can then challenge the goal for either offside or goalie interference. The risk of the challenge? The team issuing it would lose their timeout if the goal stands.

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NHL All-Star Weekend 2016: An All-Star to Remember

So, I know lately, I’d given the NHL a lot of crap about the whole John Scott All-Star voting debacle (which was well-deserved). However, for this edition of my All-Star blogging, I want to make it nothing but a positive experience, just like the whole weekend was altogether.

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My Thoughts on John Scott’s Player’s Tribune Editorial
(Warning: The following article contains profanity, and has been labeled by the editor as NSFW.)


As I sat at the tail end of class close to lunch time scrolling through my Twitter feed, I stumbled across another Puck Daddy article about John Scott. This time it was a little article kind of talking about and summing up the Montreal Canadien enforcer’s piece from The Player’s Tribune. Well, trying really hard not to spoil anything until I actually had The Player’s Tribune piece opened up (I’m usually really bad about not spoiling anything for myself), I tapped the link that came with the article and read through it.

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