IceNationUK was brought to life in 2012 by Chris Hext, a young man who was clearly born in the wrong country, judging by his sporting tastes.  Whilst his reasons for falling in love with ice hockey are a long and boring story, suffice to say he is not alone in the United Kingdom in being a fan of the sport.

Chris was joined in 2013 by budding writer Sam Skelding, who is equally as passionate about the game and eager to provide his own unique take.

This blog began as a love letter to the fastest team game there is, but is now well beyond that.  Delving into analysis and evaluation of all 30 NHL teams, and bringing all the most important news from around the hockey-playing world right to the UK, we here at IceNationUK hope you enjoy what we have to say about the greatest sport in the world.


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