The postseason’s here!

Check out each first round series

Rendered in haiku.

The Penguins Go to Gotham (Penguins at Rangers)*

All O and no D

Makes Pittsburgh vulnerable

Season champs should roll

Canadian Civil War, East Edition (Senators at Canadiens)*

Hammond versus Price

Each game could be a shutout

That’s the Sens’ best hope

The Yzerman Cup (Red Wings at Lightning)*

Bolts’ potent offence

Should own Detroit’s goaltenders

This one could be quick

Lamplighters’ Ball (Islanders at Capitals)*

Tons of emotion

Plus Ovi v. Tavares

Expect a barn-burner

The Teemu Cup (Jets at Ducks)*

The Jets are so cute!

Everyone’s rooting for them!

They’re gonna get crushed

Midwest Mayhem (Wild at Blues)*

The Blues’ strong skaters

Meet Minny’s sizzling goalie

Dubnyk will decide

Divisional Format Special (Blackhawks at Predators)*

Tough draw for Nashville

Can injured Kane still play hard?

If so, Preds are dead

Canadian Civil War, West Edition (Flames at Canucks)*

Canucks lucked out here

New format spared them the Hawks

Still might need 7

How Many Games Will the Winners Need?

5: Rangers, Lightning

7: Blackhawks, Canucks, Blues

6: Habs, Ducks, Isles


Add to each preview:

“Unless a goalie gets hot –

Then all bets are off.”

All You Really Need To Know

Repeat after me:

“Goalies, special teams are key.”

Now you’re an expert!


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