Things are happening

In the NHL. Here are

Some in haiku form.

Miracle On Ice

The answer is no.

Americans will never

Shut up about this.

Trading Block

That player you love,

Whose jersey you just purchased?

Don’t get too attached.

“We’re Not Here To Be Girls”

Rielly meant no harm

But he did harm nonetheless.

Think before you speak.

Yet Another Outdoor Game

Enough already

Any more than two a year

Makes them all seem dull


At least they inspire

Groundbreaking innovation

In ugly attire

Fancy Stats

Would not a Corsi

By any other name still

Track play just as well?


What really matters

Is NHL now gives fans

More than plus/minus.

Steve Montador

So young and so loved

Another man gone too soon

Rest in peace, Monty


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