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2014/15 Season Preview – Minnesota Wild

2013/14 Season Record – 7th in Western Conference, 4th in Central Division

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2014/15 Season Preview – Philadelphia Flyers

2013/14 Season Record – 6th in Western Conference, 3rd in Metropolitan Division

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GUEST POST: Arto Palovaara – The Significant Difference Between A Bad Player And A Good Player

Life is filled with paradoxes. I could count 100s, 1000s, or even 10000s. But here is one: a good player can lose a game and fail to pass and score on the court, even drop a ball or a puck so that it will be a turnover. Doesn’t sound in the first place like fortune, right?

And another paradox is that a bad player can win games. Quite odd, isn’t it?

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