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Crime, Punishment, and Player Safety

No-one loves a good fight more than a hockey fan. The energy and intense action of the game creates a level of excitement on the ice and in the stands that’s unique to hockey. This passion often boils over into confrontations and fisticuffs between players fueled by speed and adrenaline.
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An EIHL Team in London? Unlikely.

As a hockey fan and a Londoner, it would be remarkably easy for me to proffer that London is the ‘domino standing between the current state of the EIHL and it blooming into a nationally and internationally revered sporting league’.

However, a statement along those lines would be arrogant, rooted in idealism and ill-informed. Instead I would prefer to say that an EIHL team in London is a hazy dream, one that grows fainter with every failed attempt and false materialisation, but one that I hope is never eternally extinguished.
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2014 UFA Class – Best & Worst Possession Players

I thought it might be interesting to take a look at this year’s unrestricted free agent class through the eyes of possession metrics, taking a look at some of the best and some of the worst signings of the off-season so far.

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GUEST POST: Arto Palovaara – Thoughts On The Champions Hockey League & The KHL

Football’s World Cup is over. It has been a party for a month for all sport and football lovers, though no new winners at all like last time. Germany won, as you know, for the fourth time. Hockey suffers a bit from the same disease, that there are no new winners, which would be a perfect injection for the sport. The Swiss have been close, and I hope that they will continue the good work they are trying to keep up; the hockey world needs them on top.

Well, well, that’s that…I had something else in mind, and I am going talk about the KHL and the CHL a bit.

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IceNationUK Alternative 2013/14 NHL Season Awards!


Every NHL fan knows the awards the league hands out every year to its top players – the Hart, the Vezina, the Norris etc. – but we here at Ice Nation UK thought it was time to dole out our own awards.  You’ll see some familiar faces, some obvious choices, but also others who will receive recognition for their efforts who don’t usually get such acknowledgement from the joyous NHL establishment.

Not content to celebrate both the best and the undervalued, we took it to another level – recognising the players and management moves that generated a storm of discussion, disagreement and in many cases downright laughter (here’s looking at you, Dave Nonis).

In other words, this is a list of the 2013/14 season’s “good, bad and ugly”. Some of it is tongue-in-cheek, a lot of it you’ll disagree with, and please don’t hesitate to let us know your opinion!

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