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Ice Nation UK Mock NHL Draft! (Everyone Else Is Doing One…) – 2014 Edition

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NHL Draft: Friday 27th June & Saturday 28th June

The season is over, the Cup has been handed out, so what’s next?  The NHL Entry Draft of course!  That wonderful occasion where 30 NHL teams and their scores of fans fawn and fight over young men barely out of puberty.

It is what it is, and it IS a pretty exciting occasion… at least if you’re an Oiler fan like me in which case it’s the ONLY exciting occasion. To celebrate, and to feel like we’re a part of it, I present to you my mock draft ahead of the real thing. Read more


GUEST POST: Arto Palovaara – Watching Hockey From Another Point Of View

Everyone who is involved in the game of hockey knows that it is one of the fastest and the most exciting sports that exists on Earth. It was the speed and excitement, and the chance to feel glory that caught me into the sport once upon a time many, many years ago.

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The “Devils Fans’ Worst Nightmare” Drinking Game

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As a Devils fan, I approach these Stanley Cup finals with less enthusiasm than I would bring to a colonoscopy. The best case scenario here is a sweep by the Kings, so we could dispense with this torment as quickly as possible. The worst case scenario is Henrik Lundqvist skating the Cup, which would signal the end of life as I know it.

Why? Because life as I know it involves taunting young Rangers fans about the fact that their team hasn’t won a title in their lifetime. Because my calendar says the Rangers aren’t due to win again until 2048. Because the Devils win Cups and the Rangers don’t, and it’s been that way since 1995.

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