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Shawn Horcoff: Thankyou, and goodbye.

Shawn Horcoff.  The very mention of his name brings forth furious debate among Edmonton Oiler fans.  Following 13 years of service to the Oil Drop, the man who became a scapegoat for many and a shining beacon of hard work to others will now be pulling on another NHL sweater for the first time in his career.

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Complete NHL Free Agent Signing List – 05/07/13 to 19/07/13

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Another day, another free agent signing list!  Only this one is a complete, comprehensive list of (hopefully!) every player signed to an NHL deal since July 5th, coupled with mini-scouting reports gathered from,, Robert Vollman’s Player Usage Charts, CapGeek, Hockey’s Future, and various other sites.

Enjoy, and let me know if I’ve missed any signings or contract terms!

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More Free Agent Signings

Tuukka Rask has committed to the Bruins for the long-haul. Image courtesy of

As it’s been a few days since we last updated the Free Agent Listing, we’ll start a new one here.  As usual, thanks to and for providing the info.

I’ll be updating the page with info as we go along, so bear with me whilst the information becomes available.


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St Louis Blues Gamble on Paajarvi’s Potential over Perron’s Production?

Considered by most to be a player still in development, Magnus Paajarvi was the 10th overall pick at the 2009 NHL entry draft.  (Courtesy of

Considered by most to be a player still in development, Magnus Paajarvi was the 10th overall pick at the 2009 NHL entry draft.
(Courtesy of

So, the MacTavish reign in Edmonton continues to provide plenty of substance for us hockey writers; brief moments of calm, days drifting by with hazy uncertainty (the Hemsky situation unresolved and Gagner filing for arbitration) and then the sudden, news rearing like a ferocious predator from the gloom; another trade.

As reported by Chris earlier, the Oilers have acquired winger David Perron from the St Louis Blues in exchange for young winger Magnus Paajarvi and a second-round draft pick. This post will examine who got the better of the deal, an analysis made considerably more difficult by factoring in potential talent and the importance of ‘now’ to both franchises.

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NHL NEWS: Blues trade Perron to Oilers for Paajarvi, 2nd Rounder.

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As per TSN, the St Louis Blues have traded David Perron to the Edmonton Oilers in return for Magnus Paajarvi and a 2nd round pick in the 2014 draft.

Perron, 25, is a two-time 20 goal scorer and a genuine top 6 forward, whilst Paajarvi is a former 10th overall pick with speed to burn and top defensive ability, though his offensive skills are still developing.  It’s a tricky trade to analyse – I’ll leave that up to Sam later! – with the Oilers clearly picking up the better, more established player right now, but he has a fairly extensive injury history, whilst Paajarvi has a lot of potential as an all-round player, not to mention that 2nd round pick which is pretty valuable.

As mentioned, more analysis to come from Sam later on.

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